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MultiRail Horizontal Rail


The horizontal anchorage device for securing persons exposed to risk of falling.

The MultiRail horizontal anchorage device is a new type of personal safety system combining all the advantages of wire rope-based and rail-types stationary systems.

MultiRail offers a very wide range of installation possibilities and guarantees protection against falls in hazardous zones, in accordance with European Standards.

MultiRail has been fully tested according to the European Guidelines for personal safety equipment. Fixing centres can be up to 4m and it is certified for simultaneous use by up to 6 persons.

In the case of a fall, the resultant forces are absorbed by the intermediate brackets therefore the end fixings loads are much lower than in the case of cable lifeline systems.

Due the simplicity of its design, MultiRail does not have to be serviced yearly as must be done with cable lifeline systems – thus reducing lifetime costs.