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Fall Protection Equipment for Confined Spaces

Accessing confined space requires the provision of a system for safely descending then for climbing out again when the work is complete. Normal access is by using a ladder. In the case of an incident, it is necessary to be able to evacuate the operative under the best possible conditions. The use of an electric winch requires a power source that may not always be available. The precautionary positioning of a man operated hoist is an effective solution in this case. A simple, modular pulley system gives independence and flexibility. It is not affected by power cuts and requires no exterior source of energy. It is light, flexible and, in particular, offers total independence.

The Revac Unit provides the benefits of a fall arrest block and emergency retrieval in one device. This ensures safe access and egress to confined spaces such as sewers, wells, silos, tanks, pits etc. It connects to our lightweight tripod to give a user friendly solution.