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Fall Protection Equipment for Confined Spaces

At Safety At Height we offer the GlideLoc Fall Arrest System, which is a safe secure
means of descending and ascending a confined space ladder.

confined-space-safetyWhen entering a manhole we advise using the shaft entry device. This is attached to the top of the GlideLoc system and locked in position to allow the user to be standing when connecting and disconnecting from the central fall arrest rail. The shaft entry device can be used on multiple GlideLoc fall arrest ladder systems, by simply unlocking and taking to the next ladder.

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Where a rigid fall arrest rail cannot be installed it is advised to have a retractable fall arrest inertia reel. This ensures safe access and egress to confined spaces such as sewers, wells, silos, tanks, pits etc.

As the user descends the ladder he wire in the inertia reel is pulled out, in the event of a fall the cable will lock in position holding the user close to the ladder.

In the case of an incident like this, it is necessary to be able to evacuate the operative under the best possible conditions. The precautionary positioning of a man operated hoist is an effective solution in this case.

A simple, modular pulley system gives independence and flexibility. An Evac Unit provides the benefits of a fall arrest block and emergency retrieval in one device. It connects to our lightweight tripod to give a user friendly solution. The Evac units can be connected to a Davit Arm, Tripod, Quad-pod or mounting back to structural steel.