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Rescue at Height

How is an injured person rescued when working at height? Will the emergency services be available in time? Is the workplace inaccessible?

What escape precautions are in place for people working at height in the event of fire or other emergency?

Personal Fall Protection Equipment is now common in most work environments for those working at height, however consideration should be given to safe methods of self rescue and injured person rescue. The Safety At Height range of Controlled Descent Devices has provided safe and effective solutions for many years.

Self Rescue
The AG 10 is an unique, lightweight and easy to use descent device which offers controlled self rescue from towers, cranes etc. Having attached the unit to a reliable anchorage point, the user lowers the longer length end of the rope to the level to he wishes to descend. He then connects the swivel connector on the shorter end of the rope to the front connector of his harness. Once the user’s body weight is applied to the unit it limits the descent speed to 0.7m/s allowing the user to be lowered safely.

Injured Person Rescue
The AG 60 Rescue Kit comes with all the equipment required to carry out an injured person rescue. Once the rescuer has gained safe access to or above the casualty, a specially designed bracket is attached to either the working platform or the ladder to give a reliable anchorage point. The AG 10 Hub B Unit, with a handle to control upward and downward movement, is then connected to the bracket. The rescuer can then safely attach the casualty to the AG 10.