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“Falls from height are the most common cause of fatal injury and the second most common cause of major injury to employees." 
Fall Protect Plus is a division of Safety At Height. 
Our aim is to provide a complete solution to your personal protective equipment needs. 
“Falls from height account for 15% of all injuries to employees. All industry sectors are exposed to the risks presented by this hazard although the level of incidence varies considerably. 
As a result, the Health and Safety Commission have included 'Falls from Height' in their eight Priority Programmes chosen to meet the targets for the reduction in injury rates in the workplace." 
Under the brands names of Miller Fall Protection and Ikar GB we supply a full range of fall protection equipment, such as: 
From professional riggers to the maintenance worker we have a full range of specialist cost effective solutions to match your requirements. 
Whenever you have to work at height or near a fall risk, we can supply the correct safety equipment to give you a safe, secure and confident means of access: 
Fall arrest protection including fall arrest blocks and inertia reels. Further reading about fall arrest here. 
Fall prevention including rope, rope grabs, safety harnesses and attachment points. 
General safety and protection when working at height or in dangerous situations requiring personal protective equipment. 

Helping You Be Safe at Heights 

Through our partnership with our suppliers you can be assured of the most comfortable and effective solutions to safety and fall protection in the workplace. 
We will gladly provide advice when you are planning and conducting all projects for height access or the installation of personal safety equipment. 
Lanyards4Tools offer a complete range of Tool Lanyards specifically to eliminate injuries from falling tools, which is a significant cause of injuries in the workplace.