Elasticated Tool Lanyards 
Tool Anchor Points 
Tool Lanyards for the Right Tool 
Correct Attachment to Tools 
Drop tested to Max Weight 

Tool Safety For the Work Place 

Lanyards4Tools is a division of Safety At Height, offering a complete range of Tool Lanyards specifically to eliminate injuries from falling tools, which is a significant cause of injuries in the workplace. 
Over a five-year period, there was an average of 2,000 lost-time injuries caused by falling objects 
Tool Lanyards with Elastication allows for ease of movement and convenience. 
Elastication also gives basic energy absorbing properties reducing the load on the user and structure. 

Connecting Lanyards to tools 

Tethering: Our lanyards have a range of tethering options that can be easily choked around tools with a captive handle or waisted tools. 
Connectors: In addition to tethers, we have a range of unique connectors designed to make it easy to attach almost any of your existing tools.