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Sage Gateshead Music Centre

The spectacular roof of the Sage Gateshead Music Centre – which weighs in at 750 tonnes – is made from 3000 stainless steel panels and 250 glass panels. If the roof was laid flat its 1200 square metre area is big enough to accommodate two foot-ball pitches.

Architects Forman Foster, approached us to provide a fall arrest system across the spine to enable safe access for maintenance workers to reach the attachment anchors for abseiling down the face of the building. After discussions over a de-sign period of three years we provided the most aesthetically pleasing solution comprising of stainless steel rail which exactly matched the profile of the building and gave continuous fall protection along the roof.

The accounting giant Sage Group has just invested £50m in developing a new 575,000 sq. ft global headquarters at Newcastle Great Park. The development in-corporates an innovative style of architecture reflecting the ambience of both the prestigious location and the company's high profile name.