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SÖLL® BODYCONTROL 1 FALL ARRESTER (27441) For use with GlideLoc / PivotLoc Systems 

We are pleased to introduce a new generation of guided-type fall arresters designed for comfortable climbing, providing more safety in all fall situations through quick arrest. Söll BodyControl shuttles are compliant with the latest standard EN353-1:2014. 
The Söll BodyControl 1 connects to the user's sternal anchor point. It is designed for comfortable climbing and holds the user close to the ladder. It’s the ideal solution for confined spaces, manholes, caged ladders. 
The SÖLL® BODYCONTROL Fall Arrester replaces the SÖLL® COMFORT Fall Arrester (22697 & 23109). 
As of 30th April 2016 the Comfort Fall Arrester will no longer be available 

Customer Notice of Discontinued End Stops and Replacement Parts 

Safety At Height Update on BS EN353-1:2014 - Personal Fall Protection Equipment - Guided Type Fall Arrester 
The recently published Satandard details the new design requirments and test procedures for Fall Arrest Systems such as our GlideLoc, PivotLoc and GuideRail. 
The Main outcome in relation to these is a change to the specification and design of the End Stops for all systems. The End Stop's designs have been changed to comply with the 12kN requirments of the new standard. 
As a result of this the following parts will change from 31st July 2015. 
Discontinued End Stops 
Replacement End Stops 

Fixed ladders with Hoops do they stop you from falling? 

Hoops on Existing Fixed ladders do not stop your work force from falling. In some situations they can cause more harm than good! 
With the GlideLoc Vertical GuideRail system your employees will have confidence in their safety to carry out work quickly and efficiently. The system clamps to the existing rungs of Side stiles of the ladder making installation easier. Unlike Vertical Cable fall arrest the GlideLoc Rail spreads the load of a fall across all of the brackets and not just the top and bottom. 


Safety At Height Limited is a Authorised Service Centre For the Full Range of Miller and SOLL Products. 
Products Including 
Miller Harness (Revolution, Duraflex) 
Miller Lanyard (webbing, Rope) 
Miller Scorpion Fall Arrest Block 
Miller Falcon Fall Arrest Block 
Miller Rhino Fall Arrest Block 
Miller Manhandler 
Miller Davit Arm 
Miller MightyEvac 
Miller SafEscape Rescue Unit 
Miller AG10 Rescue Unit 
SOLL Comfort Traveller 
SOLL Universal Traveller 
SOLL Load Arrester 
We can repair or Re-Certify your products in house, which allows us to offer a quick service. 
Call or email our servicing team today to book in your products for inspection. 
Tel: 0161 449 5615  
Email: sales@safety-height.co.uk 


We notified our customers in March 2010 that the European Commission had withdrawn the European Standard EN 353-1: 2002 “Personal protective equipment against falls from height – Part 1: Guided Type Fall Arresters Including a Rigid Anchor Line”. 
This withdrawal followed a formal objection lodged by the UK to the European Commission on the basis that the Standard does not take into consideration all potential fall conditions. This followed the extensive works carried out by the HSE which has resulted in a new series of tests in the UK which have become known know as the ‘HSE 8 Tests’. 
We are again please to reaffirm that all Söll GlideLoc Systems have been fully tested in compliance with the requirements of the new UK tests. 
The EN353-1 withdrawal was published in the European Union’s Official Journal on the 19 March 2010. Since that date a new Standard has been under preparation. During the transition period, in parallel with the UK work, other EU notified bodies have implemented additional tests outlined in the test procedure CNB/P/11.073 to re-evaluate the safety of Fall Protection Systems in accordance with the European Directive 89/686/EEC. 
We are pleased to inform you that all the Vertical Fall Protection Systems that we currently sell have successfully passed these additional tests and confirm accordingly that these products can be used without restriction. They must of course be used in accordance with their applicable user manuals, and in particular the GlideLoc Travellers must only be used together with their associated GlideLoc anchor rail manufactured by Honeywell and supplied by us. 
Our user’s safety is always our highest priority. As the world leader in Fall Arrest, our supplier Honeywell participates in the Working Group 2, which is in charge of developing the new European Standard EN 353-1. Visit the HSE Website >> 
We will keep you informed on the evolution of this new standard and welcome any questions on the following mail address: 
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