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YST - GlideLoc Yspar Ladder Galvanised 
ZAL - GlideLoc Twin Ladder - Aluminium  
21814 - GlideLoc Rotary Top Section 
22322 - Ho-Vert Turn Table 
16315 - Clockwise Twisted Change Over Rail 
Vertical Fall Arrest Systems 
Horizontal Fall Arrest Systems 

SOLL GlideLoc GuideRail Components 

YA4-<ladder length in mm> 
YST-<ladder length in mm> 
YAL-<ladder length in mm> 
Y-SPAR - YA4 stainless steel - YST Galvanised - YAL Aluminium 
Simple, cost-effective, versatile safety ladder; Low surface area: keeps wind loads applied to the sub-structure to a minimum; also available with perforated rungs for applications in dirty environments; step width per side: 150 mm 
ZA4 -<ladder length in mm> 
ZST -<ladder length in mm> 
ZAL -<ladder length in mm> 
Twin ladder - ZA4 stainless steel - ZST Galvanised - ZAL Aluminium 
Operator can glide his hands along the side rails; ideal for dirty environments; high distortion resistance; step width per side: 150 mm 
Rotary exit section without footrest - aluminium - for aluminium ladders 
Used for leaving or entering the ladder system safely onto or from the platform behind the ladder; rotary exit section can be turned left or right; the top two rungs of the last ladder section must be removed; factory assembly on ladder section on demand (16604 / 1027938) 
16315 - Clockwise 
16292 - Anti-Clockwise 
Twisted changeover rail - galvanised steel 
Guide rails with 90° bend allows transfer from vertical to horizontal direction; to be used only with Söll GlideLoc fall arresters the guide rail is also turned 90° in the area of the bend; comes with connector, fixing cross and end-stop 
Ho-Ver turntable - stainless steel 
For safe transfer from vertical to horizontal and vice versa; the direction of travel can only be changed to the left or to the right 
Turntable - stainless steel - for steel/stainless steel ladders 
For safe transfer from vertical to horizontal and vice versa. 
14805 - Galvanised 
14814 - Stainless Steel 
Manhole entry device - Aluminium / Stainless Steel 
For safe entry into manholes; only use together with lower part for manhole entry device; this device can be moved from one manhole ladder to another and can be locked 
Bracket - For steel/stainless steel ladders 
Complete with all ladder mounting elements; wall attachment must be drilled to suit site conditions; minimum bolt diameter: M16; projection in 5 mm increments from 70 mm to max. 280 mm available; variable mounting distance possible by moving and turning the bracket as required 
BS-STR-<Ø in mm> 
BS-A4R-<Ø in mm> 
Pole Clamp - For steel/stainless steel ladders 
Projection up to 1000 mm possible; complete with all mounting elements; exact mast diameter and projection must be indicated 
Folding footrest for GlideLoc Guide Rails 
Complies with DIN 18799; complete with all mounting elements; clearance of at least 220 mm between rungs; rung diameter: max. 30 mm 
Bottom / Top End Stop, breaking load 12kN for steel/stainless steel ladder and aluminium guide rail 
For profile 52x32mm, 50x32mm, 52x50mm made of stainless steel; prevent the fall arrester from being inserted incorrectly or accidentally slipping out of the guide rail; supply of all fixings possible 
Rigid Fixed end stop 
Same specifications as bottom/top end stop with ref. 26027, however a rigid end stop does not allow the fall arrester being taken out of the final top ladder section 
Identification plate 
For fall protection device Söll GlideLoc fall protection systems; must be affixed to each access point. 
Söll Comfort fall arrester 
Complies with EN 353-1:2002, with energy-absorbing element; self-closing swivel safety karabiner and three self-locking aluminium elements; for use with or without leaning back; for vertical and horizontal use in all Söll GlideLoc fall protection systems; aluminium body, stainless steel safety catch. 
Soll Comfort 2 Fall Arrester 
Base body, safety catch and self-locking safety karabiner are manufactured from saltwater-proof stainless steel 
Söll Universal II Fall Arrester 
Complies with EN 353-1:2014 ; can be inserted and removed at any position; self-closing swivel safety karabiner and three self-locking aluminium elements; for vertical and horizontal use in all Söll GlideLoc fall protection systems; fall arrester manufactured from stainless steel. 
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