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BS EN 795: Type A1 Single Point Anchors 
EN 795: Type B Temporary Anchors 
EN 795:Type C Horizontal Flexible Cable Systems 
EN 795: Type D Horizontal Rails 
EN 795: Type E Dead Weight Anchorages 
Vertical Fall Arrest Systems 
Horizontal Fall Arrest Systems 

British EN Standards - Working at Height 

BS EN 795:2012  Protection Against Falls From a Height Anchor Devices – Requirements and Testing 

Vertical and Horizontal anchorage devices are grouped within BS EN 795: 
Type A1 Single Point Anchors, e.g. Eye Bolt 
Type B Temporary Anchors, e.g. Tripods and Beam Clamp 
Type C Horizontal Flexible Cable Systems, e.g. Xenon 
Type D Horizontal Rails, e.g. MultiRail 
Type E Dead Weight Anchorages 

BS 7883:2005  Code of Practice for the Design, Selection, Installation, Use and Maintenance of Anchor Devices Conforming to BS EN 795 

Code of practice for the design, selection, installation, use and maintenance of anchor devices conforming to BS EN 795 


The following table displays the numerous Standards and Norms for fall arrest PPE: 
BS EN 341:1993 
PPE – Descender Devices 
Escape or rescue device, for controlled descent at a  
limited velocity (AG10, SafEscape) 
BS EN 353-1:2014 
PPE – Guided Type Fall Arresters 
Vertical travelling device locking onto a rail as result  
of a fall (GlideLoc, PivotLoc, Vi-Go) 
BS EN 353-2:2002 
PPE – Guided Type Fall Arresters 
(on a rope/cable) 
Vertical travelling device working on a wire cable or  
a rope, locking in a fall 
BS EN 354:2002 
PPE – Lanyards 
Fall arrest lanyards 
BS EN 355:2002 
PPE – Energy Absorbers 
Lanyard shock absorbers and tear web sections 
BS EN 358:2000 
PPE – Work positioning systems 
A combination of components to make up a system  
e.g. pole strap, NOT to be used for fall arrest 
BS EN 360:2002 
PPE – Retractable Type 
Inertia reel blocks (NOT retractable 2.4m car seat belt  
style lanyards), previously called “fall arrest blocks” 
BS EN 361:2002 
PPE – Full Body Harnesses 
Full body support harness (NOT a belt) 
BS EN 362:2004 
PPE – Connectors 
Karabiners, hooks and other connectors 
BS EN 363: 2002 
PPE – Fall Arrest Systems 
A system combination e.g. a harness together with a  
lanyard and an energy absorber 
BS EN 364:1993 
PPE – Test Methods 
Detail of test methods to be carried out in the  
laboratories of an accredited test house, to confirm  
the products compliance with the requirements of  
the standard 
BS EN 365:2004 
PPE – General Requirements 
Instructions for marking products with user  
instructions inspection periods and retesting 
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