Height Safety for the Workplace 

 SOLL Vi-Go Vertical Cable System 

A unique and versatile Solution for Vertical Access on existing ladders 
The Vi-Go vertical cable system can be retrofitted to ladder’s rungs or side stringers, providing a comfortable non restricted climb with the benefit of fall arrest. 

 Unrivalled Fall Arrest 

Due to its technological design and internal mechanisms, the fall arrester is extremely safe as it eliminates incorrect usage and due to its absorbing element reduces the fall impact on the user. 

 Safety for all Users 

Each fall arrester is equipped with a shock absorbing element made of stainless steel which is unique to Söll. This highly effective, durable absorber reduces the impact force to a minimum on a worker‘s body in the event of a fall. The value falls considerably below 6 KN which is stipulated in the EN 353-1 standard. 

 How it works 

The user wears a full body harness (EN 361 compliant) and fastens the karabiner hook of the Söll Vi-Go Shuttle to the fall protection/fall arrest attachment ring of a harness. 
The unlock button is pressed with the thumb; the slider can then be opened using fingers. The shuttle can be placed on the approved cable by lifting the latch slightly. 
Users can start climbing or descending once the shuttle has been fixed to the cable. The short distance between the harness and the shuttle is ergonomically positive and very safe. 
Since each shuttle is equipped with a cushioning element as opposed to being on the cable, the loads on the cable fixings are effectively reduced. After a fall the cable does not necessarily need to be replaced. 
Söll Vi-Go is approved and certified according to the most important international standards. (EN 353-1, ANSI, AS/NZS 1891.3, & GB 6095-85/6096-85) 

 Top Extension 

This allows the user to be stood on the top rung of the ladder while still being connected to the fall arrest rail. This also includes an EN 795 tested eyebolt allow the user continuous connection. 

 The Vi-Go Fall Arrest Guide Rail System works in conjunction with the following Shuttle:  

Söll Vi-Go Vertical Cable Shuttle 
(part No. VGS-27826) 

 Product Downloads 

Vi-Go Product Catalogue - technical catalogue including dimensions, materials and features. Link to PDF 
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