Height Safety for the Workplace 

 Vertical Fall Arrest Solutions 

Which is the best system for your application 
Safety At height offer a range or fall arrest systems for Vertical applications to provide a safe and controlled means of vertical access whilst working at height, whether you require a system to be fitted to an existing ladder or a complete ladder with integrated fall arrest rail 
System conforms to BS EN 353-1 - 2014 

 Vertical Fall Arrest Range  

A rigid rail base fall arrest solution, the system be mounted centrally or to the side fixed to the existing rungs or clamped to the side stringers/stiles of ladders. 
The fall protection GuideRail forms a unique central spine to which the rungs are welded, to form a solid ladder. This ladder is best suited to an industrial environment and is available in Galvanised, Aluminium and Stainless Steel. 
A flexible cable base fall arrest solution, the system is mounted centrally to the existing rungs of ladders. 
More like a conventional ladder twin has a central rail, with rungs welded with fixed side stringer/stiles. The side rails (stingers) offer additional support to the user when climbing and descending. Available in Galvanised, Aluminium and Stainless Steel. 

PivotLoc Folding Ladder 

PivotLoc is a foldable ladder system with incorporated GlideLoc Fall Arrest Rail. In the closed position, the rungs pivot together behind the central Guide Rail. This offers an aesthetically pleasing solution and offers controlled access. 
The ladder is opened by unlocking and removing the locking bar, then pulling the red ball pull pin and gently pulling on the side handle until the ladder is fully open. Re-insert and lock the locking bar and you are ready to climb. 
The PivotLoc ladder is supplied with a locking bar and padlock, this prevents unauthorised access as well as offering a discreet access solution. 
This system is very popular with achiteches looking for a unobtrusive ladder that does not compromise on safety. 

GlideLoc systems are used in conjunction with the following travellers:  

Söll Vertical Body Control I Fall Arrester  
(part No. GLT-27441) 
Söll Universal II Traveller for Wind Turbine 
(part No. GLT-27871) 
The GlideLoc range is fully tested to BS EN 353-1 (2014) and “HSE 8” Tests. 

 Product Downloads 

Aluminium GlideLoc Product Catalogue - technical catalogue including dimensions, materials and features.  
Steel GlideLoc Product Catalogue - technical catalogue including dimensions, materials and features. 
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