Height Safety for the Workplace 

Claridge's Basement  

McGee took on the mammoth task of building a five-storey basement underneath Claridge’s and asked Safety At Height to provide Fall arrest for their access shafts. 
The best solutions for this was GlideLoc® GuideRail allowing continuous connection while climbing the ladders with limited user interaction required. 

Ginetta Cars  

Ginetta approached Safety At Height with an on going access problem that is faced throughout the car racing industry, gaining safe secure and discrete access to the top of their trailers. 
With much consideration the best solution was the SOLL Horizontal MultiRail system used in restraint. 
The user accesses the trailer at the rear via the tailgate lift and connects to the system before stepping on to the roof. Used with a full body harness and restraint lanyard the user can carry out any work that may be required without being able to fall down the fall risk area. 
The system was riveted to the roof of the trailer with special sealing rivets to prevent leaks. Ther system is made of light weight aluminum and the slim profile and sleak bracket design ensures there is minimal wind noise and resistance. 
For more information on the MultiRail system please click here. 

Farley All Saints’ church  

Farley All Saints’ church is the Parish Church of Pitton and Farley is always admired by people passing though and local residents. 
It is also relied upon for keeping people on time, but in recent months the clock in the tower has stopped due to there not being a safe means of access to climb the tower and wined the clock. 
This posed an issue as the architectural aesthetics of the church could not be jeopardised. 
Safety At Height were approached to provide a height access solution. Our design team recommended our GlideLoc Twin ladder to be powder coated to blend in with the surroundings. 
GlideLoc® is a fall protection system, permanently installed on buildings or structures. It comprises a guided type fall arrester which glides up and down a steel of aluminium notched GuideRail keeping the user connected at all times. 
Now the GlideLoc Twin ladder is installed and correct user training was provided to the operatives, the clock is always on time and so are the local residents. 

The Kelpies  

Next to a new extension of the Forth and Clyde Canal stand two 30-meter high horse-head sculptures called The Kelpies. The sculptures form a gateway at the eastern entrance to the Forth and Clyde canal, and the new canal extension built as part of The Helix land transformation project. The Kelpies are a monument to horse powered heritage across Scotland. 
People often come to admire the sculptures but not many consider the difficult height access issues presented by their design, particularly reaching the sculptures lighting. 
Working with Eurosafe Solutions, Safety At Height have provided a safe and comfortable access solution integrating the PivotLoc and GlideLoc Yspar ladders. 
Both systems have a rigid central fall arrest rail, which when used with the Söll comfort traveller offers a secure confident climb at any height. 
In the event of a fall the comfort traveller will lock in position, the internal shock absorber will be activated and will reduce the load on the user and the structure. 
As the fall distance for the user is reduced self rescue is possible. 
For more details of GlideLoc Vertical Fall Arrest Click here 

Sage Gateshead Music Centre  

The spectacular roof of the Sage Gateshead Music Centre – which weighs in at 750 tonnes – is made from 3000 stainless steel panels and 250 glass panels. If the roof was laid flat its 1200 square metre area is big enough to accommodate two foot-ball pitches. 
Architects Forman Foster, approached us to provide a fall arrest system across the spine to enable safe access for maintenance workers to reach the attachment anchors for abseiling down the face of the building. After discussions over a de-sign period of three years we provided the most aesthetically pleasing solution comprising of stainless steel rail which exactly matched the profile of the building and gave continuous fall protection along the roof. 
The accounting giant Sage Group has just invested £50m in developing a new 575,000 sq. ft global headquarters at Newcastle Great Park. The development in-corporates an innovative style of architecture reflecting the ambience of both the prestigious location and the company's high profile name. 
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